San Pedro Cactus - Trichocereus pachanoi

San Pedro Cactus - Trichocereus pachanoi

Star traveler, is it your time to remember?

A dreamer once dreamed a dream where he became aware that he was still inside the dream. A voice, coming from everywhere and nowhere, slowly resonated, “Star traveler, is it your time to remember?”

“The return of the soul is the return of the image to that which imagined it.”

Out above the solar system the dreamer flew and then hovered. He watched as the sun moved at an incredible speed through the seeming emptiness of space. Slightly behind the sun were tiny dots of light, planets, that were spinning and spiraling in its wake. “Do you see it?” asked the Dream.

“Perhaps separation is not an evil, but rather an adventure of self discovery.”

Slowly his eyes began to see the solar system as a kind of creative technology. The sun appeared as a great fusion energy source, powering the movement of everything in its local reality. It created continuous force fields that moved space around it, providing a protective environment for its trailing planets. But they were not just planets anymore, they appeared before his eyes as some sort of organic spaceships. The Earth spaceship was fully operational, receiving its power from this fusion energy source. Even its core was itself birthed from this fusion source and therefore mirrored its source, as it too, created its own force fields that allowed for the existence of a multitude of protected environments. Within these environments were many space travelers, almost an infinite number of living and moving things. “Look deeper.”

“I am suggesting a different conception of God, not as creator but as Creativity itself, not outside the universe but an inseparable property of the universe.”

As the dreamer came closer to spaceship Earth, he noticed what now seemed like organic spacesuits. So many types and variations, but it was his own human spacesuit that caught his attention. It was more than just his body, it was a magical technology that mediated access to an almost infinite number of environments and experiences. He noticed that he had very little control over this organic technology, only having access to a small spectrum of it. His heart would beat, his lungs would breathe, and his suit would heal, but all on its own, without any thought intervention on his part. If he chose to exert control over his little spectrum and stop his breathing, the suit would reset itself and he would find himself breathing again. Again, the dream sent a subtle reminder, “Look deeper.”

“Magic is all in your head, you simply have no idea how big your head really is.”

As the dreamer looked closer at the spacesuit what he considered to be his very self began to dissolve. The spacesuit was indeed organic, its very existence being the result of a multitude of living organisms that were working together, playing with competition and cooperation. These organisms had their own spacesuits and their own unique DNA. They were not a part of what he considered his self, and yet they were most certainly a part of his self. The further he went in, the further he began to dissolve. He pondered to himself, “My lungs are not an other, they are a part of who I am. Essentially, I and my lungs are one. Even though I am my lungs, my lungs would not even exist without trees and plants. Therefore, in some mysterious way, I am also the trees and plants. The trees and plants are nothing without water. Therefore, I am water, but water is nothing without an atmosphere. I am the atmosphere, but the atmosphere is nothing without the Earth. I am the Earth, but the Earth is nothing without the Sun... Whether going out or in, I contain unfathomable multitudes and indescribable mysteries. I am It and It is I, except that I am I and It is It. I... am. I... dissolving. Am... remaining.”

"When the soul wants to experience something she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it."

Whether he examined all the way down or all the way up, he realized he was intricately connected through everything. And yet, he knew he was not everything. He had very little if any control of the infinitely complex interactions that made all this possible. As if seeing but dimly in a mirror, he strained to look even deeper into this body he called the self. Seated right behind the eyes he noticed a soul, his soul. He realized in that moment that what he had thought of as an organic spacesuit, his body, was not really a spacesuit at all, but rather a space temple; a temple in space, for space, and through space. It was the Holy Temple, the House of Am, the Holy House, which itself was housed within the larger solar temple, which was housed within the larger galactic temple. It was temples all the way up or down. “Do you now see what all this is?” asked the Dream.

“The evolution of the galaxy proceeds no matter what. The trick is to know that we are not simply galactic inhabitants – we are the unfoldment itself. We are it. There is no separation. We switch from being objects to being the thing in itself.”

In that moment, as if being struck by lighting, the dreamer saw the great hall of learning, covered inside and out with geometrical mirrors. Inside was something like a divine classroom, a learning environment with every temple, all the way up and all the way down, crafted out of infinite shattered mirrors of Unity. The space was infinity, but it was not physical, it was musical. The dreamer heard what sounded like the most profound music he had ever experienced in his life. It had a depth to it that defied reason and explanation. He could feel it in his very being, playing in the foreground and the background, undulating in and as everything. And yet, this music was not all roses either, it had thorns. There were ups and downs, fearful melodies and joyful melodies, sometimes loud and sometimes soft, sometimes harmonious and sometimes discordant. “Observe,” echoed the dream.

“Every form in the universe is part of the Creation and contributes to its growth. Therefore all things grow through experience. Nothing can grow by skipping this process. The material universe is created so we can grow through experience. It took billions and trillions of years for stars, planets, galaxies and universes to grow. Therefore in our daily lives growth takes time. We must experience the world in order to grow. When we try to fight against growth, it only slows down growth wile we have more chaos in our lives. Eventually we submit to growth when we are tired of our current situation.”

The dreamer then observed his soul, seated within its space temple, well established within the physical classroom environment of Earth. All around him was music, playing as everything and as everyone. He watched as the little spectrum of control he had over his spacesuit would actively seek ways to avoid the music, pretending it didn’t exist. He turned his attention to control, to work, to pleasure, to progress, to status, to money and material accumulation. In observing this, there was no guilt or regret, just the feeling that these were the difficult but necessary teachers along the way of becoming. He saw as his soul was growing cloudy gray. Eventually he would catch faint glimpses of the music. When noticed he would analyze, dissect, and separate it. He would try with all of his energy to understand each note, its wave forms, and how these notes related to each other, where they came from and where they were going. In observing this, there was no guilt or regret, just the feeling that these were the difficult but necessary teachers along his way. He saw his soul growing cloudy white. He then saw a version of his self that was learning to dance. He did not know how, he was not even trying, but slowly, over time, he was starting to hear with greater clarity. At times he would trip over his feet, sometimes he would lose the rhythm but like a magnet, he would be brought back. As feeling, intuition, and improvisation grew, when the music would change, he would simply create new steps and patterns. Eventually change was no longer a problem, for they became simply opportunities to create and experience something new. He was on the great journey of growth and his color was growing transparent.

“We cannot escape the fact that the world we know is constructed in order to see itself... But in order to do so, evidently it must first cut itself up into a least one state which sees, and at least one other state that is seen.”

Immediately the dreamer opened his eyes, and found himself seated underneath a tree, having completely forgotten the tea he had consumed earlier. He sat beneath that tree for a long time and pondered what had just happened.

“The evolution of the galaxy proceeds no matter what. The trick is to know that we are not simply galactic inhabitants – we are the unfoldment itself. We are it. There is no separation. We switch from being objects to being the thing in itself.”


Cactus of the Four Winds, Huachuma, The Keys of Heaven. These are just a few of the many names given to this particular cactus. Native to the Andes Mountains, the use of San Pedro Cactus was once suppressed by the Spanish conquistadors. It was not suppressed for long though, as those who knew its value simply applied a Christian theme to it, for it was believed that Saint Peter held in his hands the keys of heaven.

San Pedro Cactus is perfectly legal throughout most of the world to grow. The legality, especially in the United States, changes when ingested. In colder climates, this cactus does best as a house plant. In the winter months it can be placed in a dark area and given no light or water and it will simply hibernate till spring. If left out with little light, it will begin to grow tall and thin.


As stated before, in many areas this particular cactus is illegal to ingest. Where it is legal to ingest, the cactus is first harvested by cutting off a section a few inches from the base. When the cactus is cut or injured, after 3 to 4 weeks, the base will produce new ‘pups’ that can, when large enough, eventually be re-potted. The top section of a cut cactus can also be dried for 2 weeks and then planted. Eventually new roots will form and there will exist an exact reflection of the original cactus.

Any leftover parts of a cut cactus are then used in a variety of ways. Some believe that earlier cultures would remove the spikes and waxy outer layer of skin. The greenest parts of the cactus would then be removed, dried, and powdered. This powder could then be ingested or used in teas.