We invite you to participate in a mutual learning experience at our little Perma Farm. How would this work? Just send us an email at, and we'll coordinate a time and date for a tour. It is that simple.


Have a piece of land and don't know where to begin? Again, just send us an email at and we can come out and look at the property, and toss around some ideas.

The Gift

Our products here at Perma Farms are information and perspective. These products are given away freely as gifts to whomever would honor the gift.

Why do anything for free, doesn’t it cheapen what you have to offer?

Sacred Economics Book

Unfortunately, most of us are bound, in one way or another, to a world that requires you to sell your time for money. We have jobs, and these jobs pay us money. But there is some deep wisdom in letting the meaning of life be to discover and grow your gifts, and to let the purpose be to give those gifts away. Not in some form of economic transaction, but as part of the ‘Gift Economy.’ See the amazing book 'Sacred Economics' for more information.

This idea is basically a way of moving out of the economics of competition and into the realm of cooperation. In a world that constantly reinforces the self-interest of competition, basing a business upon gifts can seem like a very idealistic and perhaps unrealistic economic model. Which is why it is best to not even think of Perma Farms as a business.

The reason for this is because the economic model of Perma Farms really doesn’t have anything to do with economics, as our purpose is not to generate monetary wealth. Rather our purpose is to inject an old idea back into reality. It is an idea that is motivated by the creation a different kind of wealth, one that benefits everyone and everything. Our hope is that these gifts of information and perspective would start promoting a new economy that frees itself from the circle of giver and receiver. Once free from the circle, a spiral can start to emerge that extends gifts into unknown recipients, modeling what we believe is the very fabric of nature – cooperation.

Now there is an agenda in all of this, and it is not a hidden agenda, as we hope to encourage people to start creating their own Perma Farms. So please accept these gifts, learn about them, and plant them, allowing them to continue contributing to nature’s economy, because they too will freely send out many of their own gifts each year, spiraling into unknown recipients.

"Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth, ‘You owe me’. Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky."